ARTICLES AVEC LE TAG : "Training the horses"

Blog in English · 31 octobre 2019
Happy Horses TV is now up and running on YouTube! Check out our first episode.

Blog in English · 19 septembre 2019
Are competitions the ultimate training session? I believe so.

Blog in English · 29 janvier 2019
I am about to start my tenth season of TREC competitions. So why not write an article about it? Happy reading!

Blog in English · 13 janvier 2019
Watch a video of a ride out in the snow. And some news from the team.

Blog in English · 01 janvier 2019
Working on the horsebox with the horses and the students, and Starlight Dancer

Blog in English · 14 décembre 2018
The rope head collar is a working tool, often under estimated. As it's coming into my work with Star, I will elaborate a little on it.

Blog in English · 27 novembre 2018
What I look for and how I teach trailer loading and travelling - in particular with Starlight