T.R.E.C. at the Equestrian Center in Bex

MA/PTV lessons


The MA- control of the paces- is a 150m corridor. First passage at a slow canter, the second passage at a fast walk. No mistake, change of pace or foot out of the corridor is tolerated. The horse and rider are judged on a time barometer.



The PTV - obstacles course in the terrain - is a course of 16 obstacles representing the dififculties they might face whilst out hacking or trekking, be it in the saddle or in hand. These obstacles test the horse's apitutde, obedience, and confidence in their rider.The course is tied but the complicity between horse and rider is of the highest importance.




Sunday April 7th from 2pm to 4.30pm


Sunday May 12th from 10am to 12.30pm


Sunday June 23rd from 10am to 12.30pm



Minimum 3 participants maximum 8 per group (if lots of demand a second group can run during the day).


Prices :

Liveries of the equestrian center : 55.- CHF per lesson

Students of the riding school at the equestrian center : 75.- CHF per lesson (including the rental of a school horse)

External riders: 85.- CHF per lesson (right of track included)


 Last sign up: Wednesday evening before the lesson