POR - map reading skills





Controls: how to decipher the explanations, find the reference and plot them correctly on the map.




Azimuths: how to understand them and use them




2022 dates to come

MA/PTV lessons in the school


The MA- control of the paces- is a 150m corridor. First passage at a slow canter, the second passage at a fast walk. No mistake, change of pace or foot out of the corridor is tolerated. The horse and rider are judged on a time barometer.



The PTV - obstacles course in the terrain - is a course of 16 obstacles representing the dififculties they might face whilst out hacking or trekking, be it in the saddle or in hand. These obstacles test the horse's apitutde, obedience, and confidence in their rider.The course is tied but the complicity between horse and rider is of the highest importance.





2022 dates to come