"The touch of authenticity, the abundance of trust and the treasure of loyalty mixed with passion, understanding, and thoughtfulness to create a deliciously holistic approach to horsemanship."


As Winston Churchill puts it so beautifully: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”. Being with a horse brings us back to the present, to nature, away from the fretful society that threatens to engulf us with its dizzying speed. They, who live day to day, enjoying the moment, have so much to teach us.




Happy Horses is a small, family-orientated stables. Every horse is free to develop and evolve at their own pace individually. Each student is encouraged to embrace that individuality and be aware of each horse as an individual; to open their mind to a new form of communication; that of the horse, of body language. From this open mindedness comes respect; respect of the animal and self-respect. From this respect comes the creation of confidence and understanding of the living creature we interact with. To truly appreciate the horse in all its splendour, it is essential to spend time with him on the ground, near or far, and not just on his back. The act of riding is only a tiny part of what we can share with this noble creature. They can offer so much more to us if we take the time to be equals; to be by their side.




This philosophy comes out in all our activities: the horse is central to everything we do but he is equally leading in these activities. The horse will never be a simple teaching tool; he will also be your professor.




It is important to me to allow every student who has spent time with my horses to leave with a piece, however small, of my passion, to allow them to feed this budding love, to cherish it over time and allow it to grow. Offering them the possibility to see and understand the horse;, the uniqueness of this living creature; what they can offer us, whether consciously or unconsciously; and the importance of the values that they teach us on a day to day basis.




Movana Sordet et Lutin
Movana Sordet et Lutin

Who am I?


Movana Sordet

Director of Happy Horses

Equine professional

More than 10 years experience

Bilingual English-French


Passionate rider since my youngest years

TREC, jumping, dressage, harness driving, trekking, groundwork


Instructor-expert for basic riding certificate and brevet

National TREC judge

Member of the Swiss TREC commission --> More information ASRE



The Team

Happy Horses is a small family-orientated stable where the mental and physical health of the horses and ponies comes first and foremost


Freiberger gelding

Born in 2008

TREC (bronze medalist in the Swiss Amateur TREC Championships 2018), jumping, cross-country, dressage, hacking, beginners, advanced, groundwork, bitless, ski joering with a rider


Haflinger mare

Born in 2002

Hacking, harness driving, beginners, advanced, lower level TREC, groundwork, ski joering with and without a rider, loves working with children


Swiss Pony gelding

Born in 2008

Jumping, cross country, dressage, hacking, TREC, bitless riding, bridleless riding


Shetland X gelding

Born in 2007

Hacking, children's pony, first lead, first ridden, pony rides, circus, groundwork, lead ski joering


Young GB sport's horse

Born in 2017

Arrived in Switzerland in 2018 with very little experience of close human contact.

Being educated, starting his career.

Our Guardian Angels


Haflinger mare 2000-2010


Haflinger mare 1987-2017


Supposed Konik Polski gelding 1987-2018