Horsebox training

Sunday morning was horsebox practice morning with the girls and the horses so as to stabilise the known, diversify the experience and consolidate on confidence. These movements for the girls will have to be second nature when we are out and about in places that might generate a lot more stress in the horses and the riders; the unknown, the stress, the competitive mood, change of scenery, bad lighting, and so on. The more we can get used to such movements in a secure, safe and calm environment, the better we will be away from home.


I took advantage of the girls’ presence to work on Star and the closing of the ramp once he was in the horsebox.  The last few times I have taken the horsebox out, whether to work with him or not, I have always made a point of bringing him with me when closing the ramp so as to get his used to the noises and the sight of it moving. The first time the ramp was to be closed behind him, I wanted to be in the horsebox with him so as to observe how he reacted and then channel the training in what needs to be done most. The session was short, as usual, but demanded much more of his physically and mentally than the other sessions. He managed beautifully!


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