The Horsebox

When going places with the horsebox, it is essential for me that the horses accept it and remain calm. As I am often on my own to load and unload, I do not wish to complicate matters with a stressed-out horse.



With Star, I am taking a lot of time to get him happy with the horsebox, and encouraging him to find the answers himself, for the simple reason that his first motorised transport experience was four days in a lorry from the UK to Switzerland with very little handling prior to that trip. He only had one week of experience of humans at close contact and handling. As we are hoping to go places later, it is vital to start him off confidently with the horsebox.



This is his third session, if he is ready, we will try closing the back bar next time, but only with a helper around. Each session I try to change only one variable I can control so as to keep him confident, such as opening the central piece, or keeping the groom door closed.




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