September 2018 - Super horses and ponies

September was a month of successes. Pony Club started again with no less than 30 students in 7 groups from Monday to Friday. Benjy and Bijoux took part in the parade of cows coming off the mountain for the winter with Jérémie and Zak, Benjy even showed us his hidden talent for herding cows. At the end of September, Lutin and Kivi went to our final official TREC outing in Satigny, Geneva, with fantastic results. Both horses won the PTV in their respective classes, and a personal best in canter for Lutin, with 28 out of a possible 30 points! Final rankings stood with Lutin in 2nd place for the TREC Intercantonal, and Kivi taking 3rd place in the special MA/PTV event in Satigny.


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