Happy Horses Pony Club



During school term, Monday through Friday, come enjoy the ponies through our Pony Club- group lessons.



Lessons are 1.5 hours long with a maximum of 4 students per group, same riding level and similar ages. From 6 years onwards. These lessons are maintained no matter the weather. From Christmas to Easter Pony Club is on break to allow for skiing; our main winter activity in the area.



During these group lessons, your child will learn to ride out in the forest- no going round in circles for our horses – and how to prepare them. They will also learn how to look after the horses, what they eat, how they function, horse care and knowledge from close up or further away- mucking out, leather care, veterinarian intervention and care, what does a farrier do, how does the osteopath work, etc… Students will also spend time observing the horses in their field; how they interact together, the importance of hierarchy and body language in a herd. What they learn, see and observe they will apply in their interactions with the horses through groundwork and ridden work.



The evolution and achievement of different skills and knowledge will allow the students to pass themed badges on an evaluation basis; such as knowing which horse is which, how to groom, the bridle, caring for leather, the saddle, the hoof. The list is ever evolving to respond to demands and interests of the students.


Horsemanship Mornings


During the school holidays, we offer half day summer camps, from 9am to 12pm.


During this time, students will participate in stable management and maintenance in a fun and interactive way, followed by a hack out in the forest adapted to the riding levels.


From 8 years, for children at ease around horses. Maximum 3 participants per morning. Family prices available, special price if participating in more than 3 mornings .