Happy Horses Pony Club



All year round, develop a special relationship with your pony at Pony Club.


With 2 sessions a week lasting each 2 hours, let the passion grow with a monthly fee. One session a week is dedicated to riding, the other to groundwork and everything done around the horse. From 9 years onwards. These lessons are maintained no matter the weather.



During these sessions, your child will learn to ride out in the forest- no going round in circles for our horses – and how to prepare them. They will also learn how to look after the horses, what they eat, how they function, horse care and knowledge from close up or further away- mucking out, leather care, veterinarian intervention and care, what does a farrier do, how does the osteopath work, etc… Students will also spend time observing the horses in their field; how they interact together, the importance of hierarchy and body language in a herd. What they learn, see and observe they will apply in their interactions with the horses through groundwork and ridden work.