January 2018 - let's race!

Our year started off with a fun-filled outing to Gstaad to take part in some friendly ski joering races with Bella and Benjy. In the morning a speed race and in the afternoon an agility race, on a 400m loop.


With both horses, we competed in all three classes: Jérémie and Benjy in the children’s class, Milo, Movana and Bella in the skier-rider class, and Movana with Benjy and Bella in the riderless class.


This was Benjy’s second time in riderless ski joering. Despite a failed attempt at an escape under the temporary fencing just before the finish line, he was great! Bella was faithful to her usual self; very reluctant to leave her friends, very eager to return to them (helps for the speed race).


What a great way to spend the day, with such willing horses! A great family outing with a 6th place for Jérémie, 9th for Milo and 3rd for Movana.


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