Ski Joering - winter activity


At first a simple mode of transportation, ski joering has now become a discipline in itself. Versatile, ski joering can be done with or without a rider on the horse, from a simple introduction to a quest for an adrenaline rush. What better example than that of the ski joering races on the frozen lake in St Moritz?




Rest assured, this discipline remains in its softest form largely accessible for children and beginner skiers; the only necessity being that of braking.




For riders who ski -or skiers who ride regularly- we can offer you the experience of riderless ski joering; it’s up to you to manage your skis and your horse! In walk, trot and why not canter?


This activity is available only through reservation and depends on the snow conditions in Cergnement.

See what it's all about in the video below (in French):

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Ski Joering in Cergnement

Come take a ride on the snowy road to Solalex on your skis behind our horses! Enjoy the nature and the calm of the mountain far away from the crowded ski slopes! 


60.- to 100.- CHF  per person depending on activity chosen


From 7 years old, for skier knowing how to brake 


Group activities and prices available on request


Reservation only