August 2018 - Swiss National Day

The 1st of August is always synonymous with celebrations in Villars and the event not to be missed is the famous parade from Arveyes to Chesières. This year, 4 horses took part; Benjy and Bijoux with their riders Jérémie and Léonardo, as well as Bella with Sylvia and Lutin with Movana. We had our “skiers” with us too, although on roller blades; Sienna behind Bijoux and Tyler and Sophia behind Bella. JP drove the car, while Gioia, Nicole and Amélie helped on the ground with the ponies and distribution of flyers. The first rain drops fell once the procession had finished. What more could we ask for?


A few days later, Léa and Movana were off for a demanding ride up the mountain from Cergnement in Gryon to the Pas de Cheville above Anzeinde with Bella and Lutin. A welcome break from the heat of the plain, which was slowly creeping up to higher altitudes as it lasted.


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