Interactive grooming

Horses are individuals and just like some of us will enjoy a deep tissue massage, others will hate it. Just something to bear in mind when grooming. Kivi goes berserk when rubbed with a curry comb, he really hates it so I have replaced it with a damp sponge for the dirty spots. Star enjoys it as long as you don't put too much pressure when brushing and the best spot isn't always the same one. Benjy wants you to be aware of him, it's not because he's smaller that he deserves less attention. Lutin loves a good hard scratch in the difficult to reach areas and Bella enjoys it however you want as long as you do it with love.




It's important as riders and grooms that we are attentive to such things. Don't simply groom your horse in a mechanical, automatic way; always the same brushes in the same order. Observe and take into account his preferences to make grooming as enjoyable as possible. It's supposed to be more than just getting your horse clean for work. Grooming creates and deepens your bond. You get to know your horse better, both in the physical aspect but also his personality, and it will enable you to notice changes and problems faster; as long as you pay attention. There are many different types of brushes out there, test them out to see which suits your horse best and don't hesitate to vary it up during the year to suit the changes your horse is going through. Don't be a stickler for what you learnt, dare to step outside the box and question what you know. It took me a while to truly let go and forget about the curry comb with Kivi, but now that I have our grooming sessions are full of cuddles and soft eyes instead of stamping hooves and swishing tail.




Don't just do, observe.






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